Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

BeeResearcher follows the following terms and conditions:

Order instruction

Order instructions define the directions, whicha customer provides in order to provide the services (editing, proofreading, consultancy, assistance etc.)in an appropriate way. Thus, it is mandatory for him to provide a clear and completeinstruction regarding the topic. In case of incomplete or wrong information presented on the order placing form, the company will not be responsible for the potential outcomes and so the company is not obliged to make any revisions or refunds. However, receiving an alteration within the instructions before the service is provided then thechanges can be taken in consideration.

Delivery of an order

BeeResearcher is known for its timely delivery of the paper. However,the deadline of the paper delivery is defined after the payment is made. For example, if a customermentions the time of 5 days in the form and the date of form submission is 1st January but the payment is made on 3rd January then the delivery date considered will be 7th January not 5th January. In case, we fail to make timely delivery due to any technical issue than you will be informed about the delay via email. However, in such case you have an authority to demand refund.

Concerning to revision or amendment

BeeResearcher believes in quality services, thus, each provided is under the consideration ofinstructions provided. However, in case our editors fail to give their 100% then you have a right to ask for revisions as many times as you want until you are satisfied and your paper is totally up to your standards. The changes asked will be made on the basis of the feedbacks provided by a customer.Moreover, in case, we found any new instruction in your feedback that was not mentioned in the order form or informed beforethe execution of any editing service then the company will not be obliged to make any revision or amendment free.

Cancellation of an order

BeeResearcher offers its customers the facility to cancel the order anytime after placing it simply by avoiding payment or requesting our support team for order cancellation.Company holds the right to cancel the order at their end due to any technical issues. However, in case, you cancel your order after editing or proofreading done than the company is not bounded to refund. Thus, to lessen such situations customers are requested to keep in contact with the customer representative throughout the service tracking process.      

Money back

BeeResearcher is an authentic assisting service that has been serving this domain for years with higher customer satisfaction rate. Thus, you can trust us with your moneyas we also offer the facility of refunding payment in cases where your credit card is charged mistakenly or the order you received fails to meet your expectations.           


BeeResearcher provides academic assistance services for the reference and guidance purpose only. The students are warned that the content received is not to be presented as it is.

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